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Dyack talks up Too Human

Lots of work being done.

Too Human developer Silicon Knights' outspoken director Denis Dyack has, well, spoken out about a number of things the team has in plan for its upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive.

Speaking on his blog, Dyack said that the full game will boast redone character models, improved animation blending and more polished animation in general, a solid 30fps frame-rate, a tweaked camera and 18 different weapon classes compared to the stuff seen in recent press demos.

What's more, having once complained bitterly about the negative response to the game's E3 2006 demo (well, more than once), Dyack is a lot chirpier in light of last week's reveals, claiming that "the feedback on the forums was great, but we want to hear more!

Comments on his blog are one option, but with the developer apparently watching us all closely, we expect if you chime in with thoughts below it will get back to them. So, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed?

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