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Dragon Ball: Origins in December

DS action adventure set for Europe.

Atari is bringing DS action-adventure game Dragon Ball: Origins to Europe in December.

This follows the story of Goku and sidekick Bulma who travel around the world looking for seven Dragon Balls.

Goku has to protect Bulma by using his "power pole", special skills and kamehameha signature attack - used by tapping the words "Ka-me-ha-me-ha" on the touch screen. Bulma, to earn his side of the keep, invents machines and weapons for Goku.

Stylus controls move you around the map, where you will gain experience and power and solve various puzzles. Wireless play is included, but only as a way to trade hidden virtual figurines between friends.

Graphics are said to be bright and vibrant, although we've no way of proving that just yet.