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Doom's six multiplayer modes revealed

New trailer teases snippets of each.

Doom's six multiplayer modes have been revealed ahead of its 13th May launch on PS4, Xbox One and PS4.

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There's a new trailer showing snippets of each, while the Bethesda Blog offers a detailed rundown on all of them. Here's our own summary:

Team Deathmatch - Self-explanatory. Rack up the most kills by the end of the round or acquire your team's quota of murder. The demon rune - which turns whoever gets it into an overpowered monster - will be present.

Clan Arena - Similar to Team Deathmatch but with no respawns, pick-ups, health drops, or demon runes. Team with the last man standing wins (or whichever team has the most players left when time runs out).

Soul Harvest - A team-based mode in which players leave souls behind that you must collect for a kill. You only get points for snagging an enemy's soul, but if you pick up one from an ally it prevents the opposing team from collecting their trophy. Furthermore, a demon rune spawns where the first player dies. Whoever is killed by the demon leaves two souls in their wake, but killing the demon itself results in a hellish piñata of five souls. Tasty!

Freeze Tag - Your shots will encase your enemies in a sheet of ice. From this point, they can be bounced around like the sliding virtual hockey pucks that they are - useful for pushing them into lava. Players will thaw faster if an an active ally is standing near them. The first team to freeze everyone else wins (or whichever team has frozen the most opponents when time runs out). Furthermore, a demon rune will drop onto the map towards the end.

Warpath - A King of the Hill-like mode where the capture point revolves around a marked path while a demon rune orbits in lockstep on the opposite side. Whichever team holds the capture point long enough to hit the goal (or has the most time racked up when the time limit expires) wins.

Domination - King of the Hill with three static capture points. A demon rune will spawn at random while its location will be announced to all players.

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