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Don't Starve: Reign of Giants PS4 release date

Gorge yourself next week.

Reign of Giants, the first expansion for indie roguelike Don't Starve, launches on PlayStation 4 next week.

The add-on will be available to download on Wednesday, 23rd July, priced at the UK equivalent of $4.99 (about £2.99). There's also a 10 per cent launch discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers, developer Klei Entertainment confirmed via the game's official forum.

Reign of Giants adds two new playable characters and another unforgiving world to survive in - this time for a whole year.

Klei first launched the DLC on PC back in May and is currently trialling an alpha version of the game's free multiplayer mode, Don't Starve Together. There's no word yet on a PS4 release for that.

"While the game starts to falter in the long term, fans of hardcore roguelike adventures and uncompromising survival gameplay alike won't go hungry," Dan Whitehead wrote in Eurogamer's Don't Starve review.

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