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Good news, data hoarders: this 8TB Samsung SSD is down to £258 after a 38% discount

Update (5PM): Now sold out at the deal price.

a samsung 870 qvo 8tb sata ssd
Image credit: Samsung/Digital Foundry

Update (5PM): Now sold out, but you can check our other recommended SSD Big Deal Days deals for more options. Original article continues:

Good news, data hoarders! You can now pick up an 8TB SSD for £258 in Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale. The drive is Samsung's 870 Qvo, a QLC-based SATA SSD with a DRAM cache that's perfect for game or media storage. For context, these same drives were selling for £550+ as early as this January, making this one heck of a deal.

This is exclusive to Prime members, but you can sign up for a trial if you haven't been a Prime member in the last 12 months.

This drive is ideal for anyone that needs to back up a large amount of data, particularly video files, as these can take an absolute age to copy to the mechanical hard drives you'd otherwise be considering at this size. It's also great for smaller files, like photos or documents, as not having to wait for a hard drive to physically seek the appropriate sector is fantastic.

Of course, there are huge advantages in terms of power savings, data durability and noise as well. This last one is key for me; I hate listening to hard drives chattering away in an otherwise quiet and modern PC. That caused me to swap out the last of my hard drives for a big SATA SSD a few years back, and I've enjoyed that SSD's silent operation (and way better performance) ever since.

Speaking of performance, the 8TB 870 Qvo has an 8GB DDR4 DRAM cache, which helps buck up performance and can even help the drive outperform DRAM-less NVMe SSDs in some scenarios. This is particularly true when writing large numbers of small files, where the presence of a cache can help tremendously.

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Overall then, Samsung's 870 Qvo is a fast, reliable and undoubtedly capacious drive that's well worth snagging at this bargain basement price.

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