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Diablo 4 seasons require a new character and it's splitting opinion

"I don't see myself grinding like this again."

Diablo 4's seasonal content will require players to create a new character - a fact that's dividing fans of the game.

Blizzard previously detailed its plans for seasonal content (which begins next month) in a blog post but failed to mention the need for a new character.

However, Diablo franchise general manager Rod Fergusson has now confirmed the requirement, while responding to a fan via Twitter.

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"To take part in the seasonal questline, mechanics, season journey and battle pass, you will need to create a new seasonal character," said Fergusson. "Playing campaign with seasonal character (if you so desire or need to finish) will also progress the season journey and battle pass."

This, incidentally, is similar to how seasonal content worked in Diablo 2's ladders and Diablo 3's seasons. However, there's added complexity in Diablo 4 due to the inclusion of a battle pass, due to it being a live-service game.

How does the battle pass work? Essentially, it comes alongside the seasonal content to offer optional cosmetics. Each new season - released quarterly - will have an accompanying battle pass in free and paid tiers.

Diablo 4 has proven incredibly popular so far, but has brought in new players to the franchise for whom the need for a new character is a disappointment.

Responses to Fergusson's tweet are mixed.

"Gotta be honest - as a new player, I don't see myself grinding like this again. If I have to start from scratch for S1 I'm likely done maining Diablo. And I know there's a ton of people in the same boat. I care about my current character. I'd just say fuck it if I lost him," reads one response, typical of newer players who have grown attached to their main character.

"This is not going to resonate well with a lot of the more casual players. You're turning off a large percentage of the player base," reads another. "Consider making a non-seasonal tier for the battle pass, for those who don't want to reset every few months. Not everyone has the will or desire to grind endlessly."

Other, more seasoned players seem perplexed at the confusion as this sort of grind work is typical of the genre.

What's more, Fergusson has further clarified that players can continue playing as normal without the seasonal content and when a season ends, that new character will be available to play as like normal.

At the least, the need for a new character is a way to push players towards trying new classes and experimenting with new builds. It's less about role-playing as one character and more about getting the most out of the game's content and systems.

Regardless, it's clear that Blizzard's messaging about seasons has been confusing and that's only set to continue when next month comes around.

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