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Destiny's official cookbook launches in two weeks

Flavour text.

Fresh from The Farm, Destiny's official recipe book will launch next month, on 4th August.

It's called Destiny: The Official Cookbook, and it's (Ghost) written by Eva Levante.

This collection of recipes is described as being "inspired by the Guardians and locations seen throughout the game's expansive univese".

Familiar faces pop up throughout the book with culinary ideas of their own, such as Drifter with his Banh Mi Burger and "Dark Chocolate Motes" dessert. Apparently Drifter used to run a bar? There's some deep (fried) Destiny lore for you.

I'm still a little concerned by the fact the book's cover features a photo of fried chicken. I'm wondering if this is where Cayde's pal The Colonel ended up.

Confused? Hungry? We've had permission to reproduce a few of the book's recipes below to give you a taste test of what's on offer:

Well, it's something to do until Destiny 2's new expansion Beyond Light arrives on its newly-shuffled release date of 10th November.