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Destiny player solos Crota's End raid without firing a bullet


Crota's End - Destiny's toughest raid - has been beaten by a single player, acting alone, without firing a single shot.

Crota himself. Killing him usually requires half a dozen heavily-armed team members.

The feat was managed by Destiny streamer TheHM05, who used a finely-tuned Warlock class build to finally bring Crota to his knees.

TheHM05 completed the entire raid using only his character's ability to quickly respawn grenades, as well as the Warlock class' ability-boosting Sunsinger super and powerful melee punch.

And, of course, the raid's special sword relic when finishing Crota himself.

Destiny's raids are designed as end-game content for six experienced players to tackle together.

Crota's End, introduced via Destiny's December add-on The Dark Below, is the toughest activity in the online shooter.

TheHM05 has worked towards his achievement over the past three months, with attempts at soloing individual sections of the raid, then tackling it in its entirety on the even more difficult Hard Mode.

"Yes! Solo'd Crota no guns! Uhhh yes! F*** yeah," he shouts upon finally downing the boss.

"Uhhh! Take that you stupid trolls," he laughs. "That's what you get. You said I couldn't do it. Said it was impossible. All of you are dumb, and I am awesome."

Watch the moment Crota falls in the video below:

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