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Destiny 2's new moon gives off Mordor vibes

Rings true.

Bungie has shown off more of Destiny 2's new moon location - and there's more than a whiff of Mordor about it.

The moon location, which played a major role in Destiny 1, returns in Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep. And at the ongoing GuardianCon event, Bungie revealed a new video that gives us our best look yet at the destination.

Cover image for YouTube videoPreview of the Moon in Shadowkeep! | Bungie at GuardianCon

Mordor is the first place that springs to mind while watching the video. There are lots of dark and creepy places, gothic architecture and spiky towers. There are big black gates, imposing walls and steps - lots of steps - that lead up to strange portals with spheres hovering inside them. And then there's the Shadowkeep itself, a tall tower that overlooks the cracking surface of the moon below.

The Black Gate of Mordor.

It's a distinct change in look and feel to previous expansion Forsaken, but even there the Lord of the Rings inspiration was clear. Forsaken included an area called The Dreaming City, a mysterious and beautiful place that rekindled memories of elven city Rivendell. So, we're going from Forsaken's beauty to Shadowkeep's beast - Rivendell to Mordor. Perhaps at the end of the new raid we'll have to drop a ring in a vat or something.

Wait, does this mean Eris Morn is Gollum?

Meanwhile, and also revealed at GuardianCon, the new Season of the Undying, which begins when Shadowkeep comes out in September, will trigger a Vex invasion across the solar system, so expect plenty of encounters with Destiny's time-crossed robots.