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Destiny 2's long-awaited "Go Fast" update goes live today

"What's the worst that could happen?"

Today, Bungie pushes out a big new update for Destiny 2 designed to make the game feel a lot faster to play.

Patch 1.1.4., dubbed the "Go Fast" update, has been long-awaited by Destiny 2 players, many of whom have reckon the game, particularly in competitive multiplayer, has felt too slow and lacked excitement.

In the video below, sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick said Bungie looked at everything from the way player characters move to the way supers come back, as well as a balance pass on weapons. Instead of nerfing "hot" guns, Bungie decided to bring everything else up to those "hot" guns, which should make for plenty of high damage carnage.

Here's an interesting line from Hamrick: "We've also learned, don't sand the coolness down, leave the jagged spikes of personality in there." It made me think of the Prometheus Lens, which was ridiculously overpowered but made Bungie's shooter feel fun again before the developer nerfed it. Interestingly, there's a brief glimpse at a load of Prometheus Lens laser beams in the video below. Perhaps it'll be viable again!

Cover image for YouTube videoGo Fast Update – Developer Commentary

Elsewhere, subclass movement for Titans and Warlocks was tweaked to make them unique and fast. The Arcstrider super was buffed. On PvP, power ammo has been changed to speed up the pace of the game and respawn times are faster. Character movement overall is way faster, Hamrick said. There's a few seconds of gameplay in the video (skip to the two minute mark) that shows the Warlock's Dawnblade super, and it looks ridiculously fast as the guardian jumps forward faster than I've ever seen a guardian move before.

"We're taking a risk," Hamrick admits in the video. "But it's not like we haven't introduced obnoxious bugs into the game before doing the other approach. What's the worst that could happen?"

In short, expect supers to regenerate faster, weapons to hit harder and abilities to come faster. "This is a motion towards what we all believe is the right direction," Hamrick says. For more detail, check out Bungie.net.