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Destiny 2's first year of raiding looks like it'll take place entirely on Leviathan

Curse of Osiris' raid content detailed.

Does Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion add a new raid? It's a question the Destiny community has been pondering, after Bungie teased new raid content but stopped short of confirming an entirely new, separate raid itself.

Bungie livestreamed a look at Curse of Osiris on Twitch last night to answer that question and, as with many things in Destiny, the answer is... complicated.

Curse of Osiris will turn Destiny 2's raid location, the Cabal Leviathan ship, into a destination for multiple raids. The expansion will add a second set of raid encounters on the enormous vessel, exploring different areas and featuring a new boss.

This secondary raid will also get a tougher Prestige mode. Both it and the original raid's reccomended Power level will be set at 300 (the current cap, before it rises to 330 with Curse of Osiris).

"It's an entirely new set of encounters, new puzzles, new loot, completely new places to explore," Bungie stated. "And then we have a brand-new final boss for you to fight."

Destiny's second expansion, due in early 2018, will then add a third and final set of encounters on Leviathan.

The new 'Raid Lair' menu.

It's a canny way to keep players focused on a single raid location for an entire year cycle of Destiny 2 - and one which will no doubt help Bungie's production cycle as it struggles to keep up with the never-ending player demand for fresh content.

Still, a year without a fresh raid location? It feels a long time. The original Destiny got an entirely separate new raid at the same time after launch with the addition of Crota's End.

Elsewhere in the livestream, Curse of Osiris was confirmed to bring back a Heroic Strike Playlist. Screenshots suggested there will be an Eververse weekly milestone to complete.

Intriguingly, a quick look at the expansion's patrol space included word of how different versions will be presented to players - featuring Mercury set during different time periods. There's a dark future Mercury which is entirely inhabited by Vex, for example.

More Curse of Osiris details will follow in two further weekly livestreams, before the expansion arrives on 5th December.

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