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How to complete Under Construction in Destiny 2

The optional Daughters of Oryx challenge in King's Fall explained.

Under Construction is one of several King's Fall challenges in Destiny 2.

Under Construction takes place at the Daughters of Oryx Encounter in King's Fall, and requries deviating from the normal strategy. It's more difficult, but will reward everyone on your team with extra loot if you can pull it off.

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What is Under Construction in Destiny 2?

Under constructions one simple rule to the Daugthers of Oryx boss fight: No one player can hold the same plate twice before a damage phase.

In practice, this means that every time the floating platforms are constucted your team must pay attention to which players used which platforms, and move personnel accordingly. Once a player has stood on a platform they may not do so again under an circumstances until after a boss damage phase, when the mechanic resets. A single error, and the challenge is failed.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Tips for completing Under Construction in Destiny 2

Normally in the Daughters of Oryx encounter, four players will have assigned plates to hold, with two floaters who fill in. One guardian each round will be Torn Between Dimensions, and two of the plates must be stood on in the right order to enable this player to collect an orb of light. This process is repeated twice more to form a Brand Claimer orb, and then a damage phase begins on the bosses.

Under Construction makes one key change, no player may hold the same plate twice in a single cycle. This resets after each damage phase, but it does require the entire team adopts a change in strategy.

Just as before, have everyone take on assigned roles and platforms, and gather the first orb as normal. Once the orb is collected, everyone should rotate, and be responsible for a new plate. It doesn’t matter if the rotation is clockwise or counterclockwise, as long as everyone rotates the same way.

Floaters will need to coordinate with each other to make sure they don’t hold the same plate twice. After the damage phase everyone will return to starting positions, and the cycle repeats until the bosses are dead.

Doing this well requires great communication. Players must call out when they are torn between dimensions, and floaters must fill in quickly. It is helpful to have floaters acting like captains, with the rest of the team following their lead. Floaters should announce when they are filling in to cover a platform, and call for help when they are being asked to cover the same platform a second time.

If you want help elsewhere in the raid, see our full King's Fall guide, while our King's Fall challenge schedule lets you know when a specific trial will be highlighted.

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