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Destiny 2 Daughters of Oryx boss strategy, how to navigate Transept and Threshold

How to make it through the Transept section of Destiny 2's King's Fall raid, then kill the Daughters of Oryx in the raid's penultimate fight.

The Daughters of Oryx is the penultimate battle for King's Fall in Destiny 2, and takes you from Golgoroth's cellar to a jump-puzzle that is much harder than that involving the Hive Ships, mainly owing to the tiny ledges that you have to spot before you can even attempt to reach them.

Below you'll learn how to navigate the Transpet and Threshold, along with our Daughters of Oryx boss strategy in Destiny 2.

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How to navigate Transept and Threshold

First of all head left out of the corridor. The first narrow ledges are below, and in front of you. The next move requires a running jump, for two reasons: distance, and the fact that standing too long gets you blasted into the chasm thanks to a bumper that slides from the wall. Two more bumpers present obstacles on the ledges below.

Walk along the ledge while avoiding the sliding bumpers. This leads you to an activation plate, which can be used to summon a bridge across the gap. Although your Ghost reveals the location of this bridge, stepping onto it does not keep it tangible. The only way to progress is to have a team mate stand just on the edge of the plate to avoid being bumped into oblivion.

Five guys make it across to the other side, allowing four to make it further from there. And so it goes until only one person reaches the end of the final jump sequence, revealing all the bridges so that everyone can regroup.

After this, everyone should exit the Transept and head into an area called Threshold, in which the team leaps upwards toward the penultimate encounter with the Daughters of Oryx.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

The Daughters of Oryx boss strategy in Destiny 2 King's Fall raid

As with Golgoroth, once you've done this fight once it feels easy afterwards. Coordinating everyone to reach that stage, however, is another matter, and what will one day be a crack 10-minute operation can become an hours-long fruitless struggle. Here's our preferred strategy.

In the centre of the room are two large pillars upon which stand the Deathsingers, otherwise known as the Daughters of Oryx -Ir Halak and Ir Anûk, positioned respectively left and right from the entrance. These pillars are flanked by four lower activation plates - two on the far side, two near. These are generally called L1 and L2 for the far and near left side plates, and R1 and R2 for the same set on the right.

The goal is simple: kill the Daughters of Oryx. Start by assigning one person to each of the activation plates. The other two people are floaters who will be in charge of clearing adds, and replacing one of the platform holders if needed.

Start killing enemies, and one player will be randomly selected to be Torn Between Dimensions. They are the Runner, and their job is to climb platforms created by their team and retrieve an orb of light floating above one of the plates.

To create the platforms, locate which plate has a Revenent knight on it. Kill the knight, and have the player assigned to that plate stand on it. Then, have the person assigned to the plate under the orb stand on their plate. This must be done in order. Use a floater if either of these plate holders are the Runner.

Once both plates are activated a series of floating platforms will appear. The Runner will climb them, and touch the floating orb. Once they do, everyone will jump off their plates, clear adds, and get ready for the next guardian to be Torn Between Dimensions.

Repeat this two more times. The third Runner must pick up the orb, and they are granted the Brand Claimer ability. Now they must look at the two Daughters, and identify which of the two is not engulfed in flame. Jump down to that Daughter, and steal their brand to start the DPS phase.

Stealing the brand from the Daughter does two things. First, it removes the Daughter’s shield so that they can be damaged. Second, it forms the Aura of Invincibility around the stealer, which makes them and anyone within the radius invulnerable.

The rest of the team should gather at the base of the Deathsinger platform opposite the DPS target. The person who stole the brand will join them, and everyone should unload their best DPS weapons at the exposed boss.

Eventually the DPS phase will end, and the Deathsingers will cast an attack that instantly kills anyone not in the Aura. Stay in the Aura until it dissipates, and the cycle repeats.

There are a few important things to keep in mind. During the first phase, where the Brand Claimer is being assembled, the Deathsigners will be singing the Dirge of Unraveling or Hymn of Weaving. These create a two minute timer, and will wipe the party if you haven’t stolen the Brand by the time it ends.

Also, if you kill one Deathsinger then you must kill the other on the next DPS phase, or your party will wipe. It may be advantageous to intentionally leave a small amount of health on one before finishing the other.

Finally, the amout of time you have for DPS is based on how much of the Deathsinger's song remains. Complete your runs to gather the Brand Stealer faster to give yourself more time to kill the Daugther's of Oryx.

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