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Destiny 2 now hosts a touching Cayde tribute in its Tower

Forsaken, but not forgotten.

It's been four expansions since Destiny players waved farewell to Cayde-6, the wise-cracking Hunter originally played by Nathan Fillion - and for many, the best character in the game.

Now, Bungie has added a touching memorial to the fallen Exo, which players can visit within Destiny 2's Tower hub.

Interacting with Cayde's bust prompts dialogue lines reflecting on Cayde's life from other Destiny 2 stalwarts such as Ikora and Zavala. These memorials also include a line from The Crow - who does not remember killing Cayde in his former life as Uldren Sov.

Destiny 2's Lightfall expansion cinematic trailer.Watch on YouTube

Why is Cayde getting a memorial now? The appearance of the statue has left some players wondering if we might still get a glimpse of Cayde again someday - perhaps as part of some kind of timey-wimey shenanigans as Bungie builds to the finale of its decade-long saga.

Other players fear the addition of Cayde's statue is a move by Bungie to make an impending destruction of the Tower more painful. After all, the new Lightfall expansion begins with a showy cutscene that brings the series' evil Pyramid Ships into Earth's orbit.

Back in 2018, Bungie insisted to Eurogamer it had definitely killed Cayde for good, and that we wouldn't get a Cayde-7.

Destiny 2's Cayde-6 tribute (via Hav0cfanat1c).Watch on YouTube

Lightfall, Destiny 2's penultimate expansion, is now available. The expansion's new raid, Root of Nightmares, will open up next week on 10th March.

So far, Lightfall appears to be off to a strong start. On Steam, the game has beaten its best-ever concurrent player count.

Destiny 2's ongoing story will conclude next year with one last expansion, titled The Final Shape.

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