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How to complete the Unveiled in Destiny 2 and unlock new aspects

Add powerful effects to your Strand subclass by completing this quest.

Unveiled is an important new quest in Destiny 2 added during the Season of the Deep.

This unlocks new aspects in Destiny 2 for the various Strand subclasses, enabling some powerful new player build. It can be quick, if you’ve done the right prerequisites.

This guide will explain how to get Unveiled, how to complete Unveiled and unlock new strand aspects in Destiny 2.

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How to get the Unveiled quest in Destiny 2

The Unveiled quest is given out by Nimbus in Neomuna. Load into the fast travel point just North of Zephyr Concourse, and speak to the tall person overlooking the city. If you are eligible for the quest, they will assign it to you then and there.

It’s important to note that this quest is gated by progress through the Lightfall campaign. You will need to complete that in its entirety, and the additional epilogue missions. These will give you access to an Ishtar Collective research facility on Neomuna and the last of the original set of Stand Aspects.

If you aren’t sure what, if any, missions you have left from the Lightfall campaign, you can check this by opening the Director, and navigating to the Quests tab. On the left side of the screen will be a column that lets you filter the content type. Select Lightfall to see a list of any outstanding missions and quests. Once they are complete, return to Nimbus and collect Unveiled.

How to complete Unveiled in Destiny 2

First, visit Nimbus in Neomuna. They will offer some words about Paracausal studies and assign you the quest Unveiled. This is a short two step process:

  • Check on Osiris’s data crawler for more information about the Veil’s history.
  • Return to the meditation table to obtain your next Strand Aspect

Open your director and locate the Veil Containment node. It’s on the westernmost edge of the Neomuna map. Launch this, and you will be taken to the Ishtar Collective facility.

Inside you will see several banks of computers. Approach the one with the lit monitor and interact with it to Decrypt Arhive. You’ll hear some dialogue, and the data will be uploaded to you.

Next, open the Director and fast travel to the Hall of Heroes. Interact with the Pouka Pond to upload the data, and enable the new Strand aspect. With that, the quest is complete, and your Stand subclass has some powerful new options to take into battle with you.

Congratulations - you've now completed Unveiled!

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