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Destiny 2 - Extraction, Metamorphosis and Sepulcher locations

Where to find the three Throne World Lost Sector locations.

Extraction, Quagmire, and Fluorescent Canal are the Throne World Lost Sectors you'll encounter in Destiny 2.

Finding them is one thing, but making it inside and back out alive is a completely different matter.

The Throne World Lost Sectors have a high power level requirement that those just starting the Witch Queen expansion likely won't be able to meet for a while; our Destiny 2 levelling guide can help with that if you need a boost.

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Destiny 2 Extraction Lost Sector location

The Extraction Lost Sector, found within in Quagmire, is likely the first one you'll encounter, as it's near the Throne World fast travel location and the chapter's first few missions. It's one of the trickier Lost Sectors, though.

The cave marker shown above actually denotes a cave system full of Scorn. It's a dangerous location, but you don't have to head inside. Stand north of the map marker, facing the cave, and turn left.

At the edge of the cliff you'll see a psychic energy orb and, further down, a ledge. You can activate the orb if you feel more comfortable actually seeing the path or just leap down. There's another opening in the cliff wall, and you'll hear some dialogue between your Ghost and Fynch, the undercover contact in the Throne World.

The path from here is straightforward, but at the end of it, the cave opens into a wide hollow full of enemies. Their recommended power level is above 1,500 - substantially higher than the base 1,350 power level everyone begins the Witch Queen expansion with.

Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector location

The Metamorphosis Lost Sector in the Miasma region is tucked away in a rock formation and surrounded by deadly foes.

Follow the path north of the Quagmire area, and when it opens out, turn right.

Continue following the path, and you'll see a clearing with several enemies and a torch on a metal device.

Keep moving ahead through another clearing with a banner (set up the banner if no one else has, as the area is swarming with foes) and turn right at the old, dead tree.

You'll see a mark in white paint on the rock, and the Lost Sector entrance is straight ahead. The path here is straightforward as well, and you'll pass through an eerie green subterranean area until you reach another large open area full of high-powered Scorn.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Sepulcher Lost Sector location

Sepulcher is found within Fluorescent Canal in the eastern part of the Throne World map, behind the castle walls.

Head to the Florescent Cancal location on the map above, and drop down the nearby ledge. You'll see an opening leading underground.

Follow the lengthy tunnel - there are no alternate paths here - until you reach a crypt area with several Lucent Hive dead lingering near their tombs. The doorway to the right of them leads to the Lost Sector..

Dealing with the Throne World Lost Sectors means taking some time to reach a decent power level, and the new expansion has plenty of new Exotic gear to help you on your way as well.

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