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Destiny 2's Control mode is getting some big changes

Eyes up, Guardian.

Destiny's popular player-versus-player Control mode returns in Destiny 2 - but with some big changes.

Matches now begin with each team controlling one of the three control points from the get-go, while capturing points no longer requires you to 'uncapture' it from the opposite team.

Developer Bungie divulged the differences to IGN. All of the changes seem geared towards speeding up play, or simplifying it for Destiny 2's new four-versus-four player cap.

The tweaks continue: Power Ammo (the new Heavy) now sits near each team's opening spawn point. Multiple team members on a control point do not speed up capture. Control all zones and you'll get a bigger point advantage. Match time is now shorter, at eight minutes.

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Another interesting difference - each player's status is now displayed at the top of the screen, so you can see with ease which teammates or rivals are dead, or about to pop their Supers.

It's the kind of info more experienced players already track in their head. This levels the playing field considerably.

It also provides a visual reference for anyone watching Crucible on a stream - perhaps this is a play towards the esports crowd, especially as Destiny 2 is headed to PC?

You'll be able to try this map, Endless Vale, for yourself in Destiny 2's beta. The test period begins next week, starting on Tuesday for those who have pre-ordered on PlayStation 4.

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