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Destiny 2 all Calus Automaton locations, including Week 6's Sever Resolve

Want something to find in Season of the Haunted? Talk this way.

Calus Automaton locations in Destiny 2 are collectables introduced in Season of the Haunted.

They are a series of damaged robotic copies of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus. Finding these results in a brief conversation with the Automaton, and discovering all six will unlock the 'Hear, Don’t Heed' Destiny 2 triumph.

The automatons are hidden within the Sever missions during the Season of the Haunted. That means that not all the Automatons can be found right away - you'll have to unlock each mission in sequence to find them all.

Where you're there, make sure you collect each Calus Bobblehead at the same time.

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Sever Shame Calus Automaton location

The first Calus Automaton is straightforward to find. Start the Sever Shame mission. After placing the first Ritual Amplifier you will need to enter some narrow pipes, eventually exiting in a small room.

A waypoint will direct you to the left, but go right instead. The crumpled Calus Automaton will be leaning against a wall in this direction, and will strike up a conversation when you approach it.

Sever Reconciliation Calus Automaton location

Proceed forward in this mission until you reach the armory.

You’ll need to defeat several waves of Cabal enemies, then you can observe a conversation between Crow and the Nightmare of Uldren Sov.

Once that finishes you will be directed to flip a pair of switches on one end of the hallway.

After flipping those switches, turn 180 degrees, and run to the opposite end of that long corridor. The Automaton is sitting at the far end, ready for a leisurely chat.

Sever Grief Calus Automaton location

Shortly after beginning this mission you will pass through a greenhouse-like room filled with green and pink plants.

Follow the walkway as it circles around and you will come to the back of a war beast, with a larger number of enemies ahead of you.

Look directly to your right and the Automaton will be sitting in the water below, leaning against a vent. Clear the enemies, then approach the burned out husk of a robot and it will begin speaking to you.

Sever Forgiveness Automaton location

Press forward into the mission like normal. You will quickly come to a room full of scorn that you must clear.

Once you’ve wiped the room clean of your foes, your objective will be to place the first Ritual Amplifier. Follow the prompt to where you are supposed to place the amplifier, but don’t place it yet.

Instead, turn completely around and look to the door way directly behind you. Walk straight down the corridor, and enjoy some dialogue with the nice Automaton at the end.

Sever Rage Automaton location

Part way through the mission, shortly after placing the first Amplifier, you will find yourself trapped in a room with an Unrelenting Nightmare.

As soon as you enter the room look right, and shoot the electrical conduit near the ceiling. Follow this wall towards the rear of the room to find a now open door.

Straight ahead is a distinctive red pipe. Find a gap and sneak behind it to a hidden hallway.

The Calus automaton is to your right, ready for a heart-to-heart.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Sever Resolve Automaton location

Early in the Sever-Resolve you will drop down and be joined by a pair of friendly Cabal, assisting you while you clear a small army of scorn.
There is an open door straight ahead from where you drop down, all the way at the other end of the room. Enter that door, then turn left. The Automaton is waiting to offer you his latest soliloquy.

That's every Calus Automaton you can find for the Triump. While you were there, did you find every Calus Bobblehead and open every Opulent Key chest yet?

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