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Destiny 2 Opulent Key chest locations in Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools

How to solve each cryptic clue and find each chest.

Destiny 2's Opulent Keys are consumable items that allow you to open special chests in the Haunted Leviathan.

There are six different chests, each requiring a different Opulent Key to open them.

The keys can be found randomly in the Leviathan by opening chests, either by finding them or defeating tough enemies and Tier 3 Nightmare bosses.

You can only hold one key at a time, and each has an inscription directing you where to use.

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How to reach the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools in Destiny 2

All Opulent Chests are found either in the Leviathan’s Pleasure Gardens, or at the Royal Pools.

To find the Pleasure Gardens location, the entrance is located at the center of the Castellum, on the far side of the large statue in the middle of the room.

Enter the doorway, and follow the corridors until you emerge in a large chamber.

To find the Royal Pools location, locate the door centered on the left wall (based on where you load in) of the Castellum.

Head down the winding hallways until you emerge at a large statue of Calus.

Pleasure Gardens, by Fallen Greatness location

When you arrive at the Pleasure Gardens take the first right, as you come down the stairs.

Looks for the head of a large statue in the shape of calus resting on the ground. The chest is right in front of his opulent visage.

Pleasure Gardens, Guarded by a loyal companion location

Straight ahead from you when you arrive in the Pleasure Gardens is a Calus statue. Look to the left of that, and you should see a statue of a War Beast.

Make your way to the beast, and look on the ground below to find your chest.

Pleasure Gardens, among the ruins location

This is close to the Pleasure Gardens entrance. Walk down the stairs, and follow the wall to your left.

As you walk around the terrain you will find the chest sitting between the wall and a tree.

Royal Pools, at the feet of Greatness location

As soon as you reach the Royal Pools you will see a large statue of Calus.

Walk up to it, but don’t go inside the room beneath. Turn to your left, and the chest is there.

Royal Pools, among the stately columns location

The Stately Columns are to the rear left of the Royal Pools.

Steer to the left around the large statue, and jump onto the raised platform. The chest is resting near the wall, between some of the stateliest columns you’ve ever seen.

Royal Pools, where water used to fall location

There is a large room to your right as soon as you enter the Royal Pools. Follow the wall to your right until you find the open door.

The chest is straight into the room from this doorway, near the wall.

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