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Desmond sees "action" in Assassin's 2

Plus: Raymond coy about MGS easter egg.

Desmond, the man whose genetic recollections fuelled Altair's murderous rampage in Assassin's Creed, sounds like he will get to do a lot more than just stroll around an Abstergo prison cell and steal pens in the sequel.

We've previously been told that he is a bit more interactive this time, but according to executive producer Jade Raymond the Desmond sections are "more focused on action sequences" this time.

Raymond, who was speaking to Kotaku, reiterated that Desmond's story will continue right after the conclusion to the first game, which saw him - er, spoiler! - trapped in the lab but able to read wacky messages on the wall after Kristen Bell's character saved him.

However, Raymond was quiet on another Assassin's secret - whether or not Metal Gear Solid 4's playful Altair easter egg will be met with an answering nod in Assassin's Creed 2. According to Kotaku, she laughed, smiled and said, "Maybe... maybe not."