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Deleted GTA Vice City mission cast Tommy Vercetti in a movie

If Goodfellas were in Miami.

GTA Vice City's Tommy Vercetti stood outside the Ocean View Hotel holding a handgun
Image credit: Rockstar

A dataminer has discovered code that appears to be remnants of a cut mission in the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Youtuber Vadim M found the code buried in the recently remastered Vice City: Definitive Edition.

What's interesting is that the code isn't on the original retail copy of the game, hence why it was only just discovered.

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Rather, Grove Street Games, the studio tasked with developing the definitive editions, failed to spot that the orginal source code contained numerous files flagged for internal use only, so left it in the final build (thanks, PCGamesN).

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Vadim pieced the code together for a mission source file called "movie demo," which contains a cutscene, showing Tommy Vercetti leaving the police station in Ocean Beach, and being followed by two gangsters to the Malibu Club.

A shootout unfolds and Tommy escapes in a Banshee being driven by a companion. Their freedom is short-lived, however, as the car promptly crashes into some barrels and explodes, leaving them "dead".

Vadim also found snippets of cut dialogue, where Steve Scott, the movie producer played by Dennis Hopper, calls Tommy asking him to star in a car chase scene. Tommy agrees, and there is even a line in the developer's notes saying "Steve tells player about stunt mission".

This cut mission - and its discovery now - seems fitting, as Tommy Vercetti was voiced by the legendary actor Ray Liotta, who sadly passed away last month.

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