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Dawn of War II pre-order goodies

Steelbook and Wargear set details.

THQ hopes to get people pre-ordering Dawn of War II by offering special in-game content bundles through GAME, HMV, and other retailers in the New Year. If there are any other retailers left in the New Year.

As well as in the in-game extras, pre-ordered copies come in a special edition Steelbook priced at GBP 34.99. That's what that is in the picture over there, see? Well, down there. Yes I'm doing that thing to push the text down past the MPU again so we can fit in a picture.

Those who pre-order at GAME will be able to get their hands on the Destroyer Wargear Set, which consists of equipment for Avitus and his squad of Devastator Marines, with unique "Armour of the Destroyer" Devastator armour and a "Purge of Victory Bay" heavy bolter and "Unerring Thunderbolt" missile launcher.

The Destroyer Wargear Set also unlocks access to the Novamarines chapter of Space Marines, and four special colours for army-painting (Dwarf Bronze, Abyss Blue, Abyss Magenta, Butonic Brown).

Or, down the street at HMV, you can snap up the Sniper Wargear Set, with its unique "Grim Silence" armour, "Initiate's Lesson of Strength" shotgun and "Deathtouch of the Angel" sniper rifle to equip Cyrus's scout squad. It also includes the Angels of Redemption chapter and four exclusive army paint colours again (Abyss Yellow, Chainmail, Abyss Green and Rotting Flesh).

(Rotting Flesh so is a colour).

It may be at a jaunty angle, but this box means business.

Dawn of War II is due out for the PC on 27th February, and you can find a couple of previews and loads of videos, shots and other news over on the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II gamepage.

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