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Cyberpunk 2077 external QA team brushes off claim it misled CD Projekt

"There seems to be a lack of understanding."

Quantic Lab, a company which provides quality assurance (QA) support, has responded to a claim it misled Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red over its work on the game.

The allegation surfaced this week via a YouTube video from a channel named Upper Echelon Gamers. Titled "What Made Cyberpunk 2077 Fail - Quantic Lab?", the 14-minute video claimed the QA studio had placed junior members of its team on the project instead of seasoned veterans, and flagged too many minor bugs.

These issues, the video claimed, impacted Quantic Lab's work and therefore the overall game.

Cyberpunk 2077 has received multiple post-launch patches to improve the quality of the game.Watch on YouTube

"Each project we undertake is unique with regard project requirements. Project direction is agreed and adjusted accordingly as per real time requirements with our clients," Quantic Lab boss Stefan Seicarescu said in response to this week's claims, in a statement to VGC.

"Quantic Lab always strives to work with transparency and integrity with our industry partners."

Seicarescu also said the video included "incorrect statements about Quantic Lab's history" and demonstrated "a lack of understanding in the process of how a game is tested before its release to the market".

"All our customer agreements are confidential but in general, global publishers are working with several QA outsourcing companies, not depending solely on one, in addition to internal QA resources at developer level in most cases," Seicarescu concluded.

Quantic Lab, which is owned by the enormous Embracer Group, has more than 400 employees and previously worked on projects with Ubisoft, Paradox, Koei Tecmo, THQ Nordic and Techland. In 2021, it opened a new office in the UK.

When contacted for comment by Eurogamer, CD Projekt said it did "not comment on rumours".

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