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Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates dated

DS multiplayer Fantasy in March.

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Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates on 21st March.

It's one of the two titles spun from the GameCube original, the other being Crystal Bearers on Wii.

However, Ring of Fates is considered a more direct sequel and focuses on action and four-player local co-operative mischief - handled a little more skilfully by each of you having your own DS screen to focus on.

Twins and their love for each other are at the heart of the story this time, and what a good choice that is. Absolutely no bias here. Twins are fantastic.

You see, Chelinka and Yuri have a shared magical power, and they will need to be near each other to use it and purge the land of the evils of the blood red moon.

But little else is surprising; chirpy 3D visuals, lots of costumes to dress up in, no random battles and an intuitive control system blah blah stylus.

Prompted Japanese magazine Famitsu to score it 35/40, if you go by its reviews, and us Europeans are getting four more exclusive quests to wallow in.

One to watch, literally, if you head over to Eurogamer TV for the newest trailer.

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