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Cryptic's Neverwinter becomes F2P MMO

Now better suits new owner's portfolio.

Cryptic Studios' pledge to leave behind MMOs and pursue games like Neverwinter, a co-operative online RPG, appears to have been for nothing - Neverwinter will henceforth become a full-scale, free-to-play MMO.

Perhaps, following the Cryptic acquisition by Chinese free-to-play specialist Perfect World Entertainment, the alteration was always inevitable.

Neverwinter's change of direction has meant a delay until the tail-end of 2012, IGN reported.

The free-to-play Neverwinter MMO will use a twitchy combat system and be built on the same, but modified, engine that powers Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

Interestingly, all Neverwinter content updates will be as free as the game itself, and none of the content will be reserved for paying customers.

Money will be made through micro-transactions for game-helping consumables, as well as for pets and cosmetic items.

Neverwinter, a Dungeons & Dragons fiction, will be based on the 4th Edition D&D rules. As such, Neverwinter will face sturdy competition from Turbine's long-running and free-to-play MMO Dungeons & Dragons Online.

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