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Counter-Strike 2 players banned for using AMD's Anti-Lag+ should see their bans "reversed" soon

And the shooter now includes a "startup check for incompatible AMD graphic drivers".

Counter-Strike 2 artwork
Image credit: Valve

Valve has confirmed that it will shortly begin "reversing" VAC bans for Counter-Strike 2 players who were banned from the game for using AMD’s Anti-Lag+ feature.

Earlier this month, we warned that Counter-Strike 2 players with an AMD GPU could face a VAC ban if they activated Anti-Lag+.

Unfortunately, the way the Anti-Lag+ feature works - it does its job by "detouring engine dll functions", according to Valve - can have serious consequences for Counter-Strike 2 players who opt to turn it on.

Valve's Counter-Strike 2 launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

Now, however, after adding a "startup check for incompatible AMD graphic drivers", Valve has confirmed it is now reversing bans for "affected players".

In the otherwise fairly succinct update, Valve also confirmed that it had addressed a bug in Windows 11 Auto HDR that led to "smokes intermittently disappearing", as well as the customary and unspecified "miscellaneous bug fixes".

In amongst the "Half-Life 3 when?" comments and various requests to add features and mechanics deemed by some to be "missing" from the game, one commenter said: "That is great news for all of those who were banned. Now the question is, what about the negative effects for us, those who have played with them, and afterwards received a notification that we've been playing with a cheater, and that our reputation suffers?"

As yet, Valve has not responded to this query, nor clarified how it may look to compensate players affected by the issue. We'll keep you posted, of course.

Counter-Strike 2 launched at the end of September, giving Valve's hugely popular, long-running PC shooter series a major revamp. Digital Foundry's Will Judd loved what he played of the new-look Counter-Strike earlier this year.

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