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Valve warns of Counter-Strike 2 scams offering Limited Test access

"There are no Limited Test keys."

Counter-Strike 2 artwork
Image credit: Valve

Valve has warned players of Counter-Strike 2 scams with fake access to its Limited Test.

After plenty of speculation, Counter-Strike 2 was officially announced on Wednesday and will arrive this summer. Before then, a Limited Test is now available for some CS:GO players through an in-game invite.

However, reports have arisen of fake login pages, as shared on reddit, which harvest data and allow scammers to steal Steam account details.

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Valve issued a statement on Twitter: "Beware of scams. The only way to check for Limited Test access is to launch CS:GO through Steam and check the Main Menu.

"Do not log into third party sites claiming to check your Steam account for access or offering Limited Test access or keys; there are no Limited Test keys."

For clarity, here's an image on the Global Offensive subreddit of what the invite should look like - without keys or external websites.

Wednesday's announcement brought details of some of the improvements coming in Counter-Strike 2. That includes dynamic smoke from grenades, overhauled maps, redesigned visual effects, and more. All items from CS:GO will transfer into the new game.

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