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Control's free end-game Expeditions update is out now, first paid expansion in March

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

Remedy's brutalist slice of supernatural bureaucracy, Control, is already pretty damn spectacular, but now there's even more to enjoy, thanks to the game's free Expeditions update, which arrives today on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Expeditions, according to Remedy, are "challenging combat experiences with a set time limit", and are designed as end-game content for those that have completed Control's main story.

"Expeditions take place in a Threshold area somehow connected to the Black Rock Quarry, where the Bureau has found a mysterious structure called the Formation," explains the developer, "Marshall frequently sent her Rangers to explore and investigate this mysterious, largely uncharted dimension." Expect to encounter pieces of the Oldest House and more of the Hiss as you step into this strange new dimension.

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Expeditions take the form of scored challenges, in which players are given 25 minutes to clear four different areas. Three difficulty tiers are available, with a new tier unlocking when the previous one has been completed. Each tier introduces a new range of possible modifiers - such as increased weapon damage or more resistant Hiss - and players can earn new mods, rare crafting materials, and even a new outfit for Jesse by playing.

As for how you'll get an Expedition underway, it all ties into the mysterious jukebox located just off the Bureau of Control's Central Executive lobby. To activate it, however, you'll first need to secure a Jukebox Token in the area and talk to Arish to begin a side-mission.

Once complete, you'll require a Jukebox Token whenever you want to initiate a new Expedition. You'll keep your current token provided you don't die during a challenge, but new ones can be acquired by completing Expeditions, Bureau Alerts, and Board Countermeasures, by defeating named enemies, or by crafting them at Control Points. There's a taste of all the resulting mayhem in the launch trailer above.

In addition to today's free Expeditions update, Control will receive two paid story expansions next year. The first, known as The Foundation, arrives on 26th March, and the second, called AWE and seemingly connected to Remedy's much-loved Alan Wake - is due mid-2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Both will be set in new locations within the Oldest House, and feature new missions and game mechanics.

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