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Control - Tommasi boss strategy, how to reach Hotline

You must defeat Tommasi if you wish to reach the Hotline in Control.

Now that you've reached the Communications Department, you can use your new Launch power to take on Tommasi, the Hiss infected Head of Communications, and finally reach the Hotline.

The second mission of Control, Unknown Caller, sees you journeying to the heart of the Communication Department to find the Hotline, which should let you talk to the deceased Director Trench.

To get to the Hotline you must fight your way through the invading Hiss forces and, believe it or not, visit the Oceanview Motel.

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Proceed through the Communications Department in Control

Upon returning to the Bureau, you'll be attacked by a collection Hiss Guards and Hiss Rangers. Now that you have your Launch powers, you can have fun attacking them with rubbish bags and other objects.

Before you leave Pneumatics, don't forget to open the chest in the small office, which you'll find on the left-hand side of the room.

Head out of Pneumatics and kill the Hiss Guard who jumps out of the barrier in front of the Mail Room. Doing so will also destroy the barrier to the Mail Room, allowing to access it.

If you head into the right-hand side room, you'll be attacked by 3 Hiss Demolition Experts. This is a great place to practise with your new Launch powers. Be careful though as Hiss Demolition Experts have shields and can throw grenades. You will also find a chest in this room.

There is also a chest and a collectable in the left-hand side room.

Once you've finished investigating these rooms or have decided to ignore them, follow the corridor into the depths of the Communications Department.

You'll come to a small office space. First things first - make sure you cleanse the Control Point. Next, you'll discover that you can't get through the Clearance Level 1 door. Luckily for you, there's a dead guard nearby whose Clearance Card you can 'borrow'.

If you feel like exploring more before heading through the Clearance Doors, there is a Shelter at the end of the corridor, containing a chest. On the second floor, you can find a new collectable. Then on the third floor, there are two new collectables and a chest.

Be warned, however, one collectable and chest is in the computer room on the third floor. In here you'll be attacked by a collection of Hiss Guards and Hiss Demolition Experts, so make sure you're fully healed.

When you're ready, head through the Clearance Level 1 doors on the ground floor of the Communication Department.

Collectables to be found:

  • Correspondence - Official - Tommasi: Willow AWE Outcome
    • (On a cabinet in the room on the left hand side when you first enter the Mail Room.)
  • Research & Records - Hiss Research - Hiss Demolition Expert
    • (Receive automatically after killing a Hiss Demolition Expert.)
  • Research & Records - Hiss Research - Hiss Ranger
    • (Receive automatically after killing a Hiss Ranger.)
  • Multimedia - America Overnight - America Overnight Ep 359
    • (On the second floor of the Communications Department in the office section.)
  • Correspondence - Official - Marshall: Lockdown Distinctions
    • (On a cabinet in the third floor office of the Communication Department.)
  • Research & Records - Reports - Data Breach
    • (In the computer room on the third floor of the Communications Department.)
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Defeat Hiss-corrupted Tommasi in Control

Welcome to your first boss fight in Control!

Hiss-corrupted Tommasi will fly about the room throwing projectiles at you. He can hold two projectiles at the same time and will throw them at you one after the other.

Depending on your health, you can only take about three hits from Tommasi before you die, so make sure you stay out of the way of those projectiles.

You can only hit Tommasi when he's levitating projectiles.

Tommasi is able to dodge any projectile you throw at him. He can also dodge your Service Weapon when he is not levitating projectiles.

This means that the best way to attack him is to shoot him with your Service Weapon just before he attacks you. Use those precious moments to get a couple of shots in, then head straight for cover.

The trick to this fight is to take cover and to always be moving. Head directly to the lower hang of the second floor and use this for cover as Tomassi throws projectiles at you. Once you hear that second projectile hit, run out and get some shots in, then take cover again.

Stay on the ground floor - it provides more cover.

During the fight Tommasi will be able to summon Hiss Guards and Hiss Demolition Experts to attack you, so keep a lookout. The best way to deal with these enemies is quickly dispatch them using your Launch powers. They are also a good source of Health Element if you're running low.

Kill the Hiss Guards for Health Elements.

If you're having trouble, try equipping a Health Recovery Personal Mod. This will increase the amount of Health you receive from picking up Heath Elements, allowing you to keep fighting.

Collectables to be found:

  • Research & Records - Hiss Research - Hiss Elevated
    • (Defeat Tommasi)
  • Correspondence - Non-Official - Tee Time
    • (On the ground floor in the north-eastern corner of the room you fight Tommasi in)
The location of the collectable - Tee Time.

Find the Hotline Object of Power in Control

Now that you have dispatched Tommasi for the time being, head up the stairs and to the door at the far end of the room you fought him in.

You'll find yourself in a circular room with a massive control centre. There is a chest behind this control centre.

Head through the doorway on the left to the Hotline Chamber and then up the stairs. When you reach the landing, you'll find a chest hidden in the right hand side corner.

Walk through the doorway on your left to enter the Hotline Chamber. Follow the sound of the ringing phone through the little office and down the corridor.

On the floor you'll see a box saying 'Stand Here.' Do as it says and pull the light switch.

Collectables to be found:

  • Case Files - Altered World Events - Butte Summary
    • (On the floor in the circular room)
  • Research & Records - Reports - Tommasi's ID
    • (In front of one of the computers in the circular room)
  • Multimedia - FBC Recordings - Tommasi: AWE Report
    • (In front of the main control unit in the circular room)
  • Case Files - Altered World Events - Butte Supplement
    • (On the desk to the right of the entrance to the Hotline Chamber)
  • Research & Records - Reports - Hotline Security Log
    • (On a cabinet in the small office in the Hotline Chamber)
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Traverse the Oceanview Motel in Control

You'll find yourself in the Oceanview Motel. Somehow.

Head to the front desk and ring the bell. While no one will answer your call, a door will open in the next corridor.

You'll want to ring the bell until a room with a key with a black pyramid on it appears on the desk inside.

No-one's home.

If you go back to the previous corridor, you'll find a door with a black pyramid on it. Use the key and enter the room.

Inside is another light switch. Pull it three times and you'll be transported back to the Hotline Chamber, but this time there's walkway to the chamber.

Pick up the Hotline in Control

Run across the bridge and pick up the Hotline.

Picking up the Hotline sends you back to the Astral Plane.

Follow the pathway towards the sound of the ringing phone and avoid the floating balls of rumble that you come across.

When you reach the phone, answer the call.

All of the following collectables are received once you complete the Astral Plane challenge:

  • Case Files - Object of Power - Hotline
  • Multimedia - Darling Presentation - Hotline
  • Hotline - Trench - Control Points
  • Hotline - Trench - Hotline
  • Hotline - Trench - Management Team
  • Hotline - Trench - Oceanview Motel
  • Hotline - Trench - The Coming Storm
  • Hotline - Board - The Dictatorship

It’s time to journey into the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. Our Control walkthrough can help you through the storyline missions, including Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Old Boy’s Club, Threshold, My Brother's Keeper, The Face of the Enemy, Finnish Tango, Polaris and Take Control. You can also learn new supernatural powers by completing A Merry Chase, A Good Defence and A Captive Audience. We also have guides on upgrading the Service Weapon, your Abilities, how to use Weapon and Personal Mods, how to unlock every outfit and the solution to the Roulette Wheel puzzle.

Speak to Emily in Control

Head back to the lobby for the Hotline Chamber and you'll find that a hallway appeared at the right-hand end of the room.

Taking this corridor will bring you straight back to the Director's Office, allowing you to quickly move through Central Executive to reach Emily in the Board Room.

When you get there talk to Emily to update her on the situation to complete Unknown Caller and start Directorial Override.

Collectables to be found:

  • Research & Records - Hiss Research - Initial Impressions
    • (On the table in the Board Room)
The location of the collectable Initial Impression.

Next up in Control is the Directorial Override mission.

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