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COD7 Vietnam rumours resurface

Casting call hints at characters.

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Speculation that the Treyarch-developed Call of Duty 7 is set during the Vietnam War has resurfaced following an Activision call for motion capture and voice-over actors

The casting sheet outlines the roles of four central characters, the leader of which - Frank Barnes - works for the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) that's based in Vietnam. That setting is backed by the post-WWII descriptions of the three other squad members, although Vietnam is not specifically mentioned.

Barnes is an "old warhorse" in his late forties who has a "gravelly" but "authoritative" voice. "A fiercely patriotic veteran of WWII, Frank is a solid leader, possessed with an excellent ability to assess and respond to any situation quickly and decisively. In other words - nothing fazes him," reads the description, spotted by VG247.

Barnes is joined by Joseph Lewis, Jason Hudson and Kristina Ivanova. Lewis, a black male in his late twenties, is something of an army prodigy - albeit a small, wiry and silent one. Hudson's a big lump in his mid-thirties who excels at the tactical side of warfare but can clearly pack a punch if needed, apparently.

Finally, Ivanova is a Russian who fled her homeland and wound up working for the CIA. She's in her late twenties, is an expert at martial arts and isn't trusted by her US colleagues.

Call of Duty 7, whatever it may be, will be developed by Treyarch and be released this year.

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