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COD: Black Ops for Wii confirmed

Simultaneous launch in November.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision has confirmed to Eurogamer that Call of Duty: Black Ops will launch on Wii, as well as Xbox 360, PC and PS3, on 9th November.

Although platforms weren't discussed when Black Ops was originally announced, we noticed that a Wii version was mentioned in the USA Today preview we reported on this morning.

We contacted Activision for comment and the publisher said that "Black Ops will be available on all four platforms, PS3, X360, PC and Wii, on 9th November."

Black Ops developer Treyarch has traditionally supported Wii with its releases in the Call of Duty series, so this doesn't come as a surprise - although last year's blockbuster, Modern Warfare 2, had no Wii version.

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