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CNN woman mobbed for Wii

Got last one, got jumped.

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It's not all smiles, ringing registers and 325,000 units out there on those streets, you know - some people are becoming violent over the need to acquire a Nintendo Wii.

That's according to CNN's Krysten Peek, whose account of her attempts to get hold of a console for her boyfriend's Christmas present paint a rather unflattering picture of the crowds amassed outside one of her local shops this past week.

"I was handed a white box. I honestly could not believe it. In that one moment I became the girlfriend with the perfect Christmas present."

"While paying at the register, the man handling the Wii's said very loudly to the line full of people still waiting, 'Sorry folks, that's it. There's no more for today.' Instantly I started hearing groans and seeing other disappointing gestures."

And then things got a bit muckier, with people lunging for her with offers of triple what she paid, and declaring she didn't deserve one. "Were these people crazy? Yes, they were."

"It only went downhill from there. While I was walking toward the exit, unsatisfied customers began to grab at my bag."

"There was no way anyone was taking this away from me. I was caught off guard in a game of tug-a-war when a security guard intervened and rescued me from the chaos."

Fortunately for Krysten, the security guard had the presence of mind to flag down a police car and bundle her into it, after which the angry mob dispersed. But there's a lesson here. Somewhere. We'll look for it later.

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