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Catgirl army protects Final Fantasy 14 roleplaying server after influx of travellers

A fur-midable sight.

Balmung catgirl army in Final Fantasy 14
Image credit: valarynn

Final Fantasy 14's Balmung server is being protected by a barricade of catgirls.

That's thanks to the new Data Centre Travel system that allows players to visit other worlds - it was so popular it was taken down soon after it launched but is now back up.

Balmung is known for its roleplayers, notoriously of a more erotic kind, and has seen an influx of players visiting.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1 - Newfound Adventure trailer

It's proof that roleplaying is a valid way of enjoying the immersive world of Final Fantasy 14. And although roleplayers aren't there for the pleasure of erotic travelling voyeurs, the catgirl army barricade is all playful, of course.

"I think a lot of the people at the blockade don't really care much about being gawked at, actually. A lot of them embrace Balmung's reputation and find it kind of funny that people are clamouring to come to our infamous server," said Rook, a Balmung player who spoke to PC Gamer.

"We like being extra."

Balmung players have already been hit with controversy this week when a beach party event on the server was advertised using real-world billboards in America.

The advertisement included modded outfits, sparking outrage in the game's community.

There's even a protest taking place in-game.

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