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Capcom's Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective remaster now has a demo

On Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

If you've yet to experience Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Capcom's masterful 2011 paranormal puzzle adventure, now's the time to start your journey toward adoration: the publisher has released a free demo for its upcoming Ghost Trick remaster ahead of its 30th June arrival on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.

Ghost Trick, if you're unfamiliar, comes from Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi and follows the adventures of Sissel, a sharp-dressing amnesiac who's surprised to wake up extremely and unequivocally dead at the start of the game.

On the plus side, Sissel's quickly learns his newfound spirit form grants him the ability to possess inanimate objects, enabling him to influence events and, in gameplay terms, progress to the next portion of Ghost Trick's wonderfully told story.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective arrives later this month.Watch on YouTube

Capcom's Ghost Trick remaster expands on the original with updated high resolution graphics, increased frame rates, and an optimised user interface. There's also a new sliding-block-style Challenge mode that unlocks new artwork, plus newly arrange versions of the game's 27 tracks - although the original compositions will also be available for purists' earholes.

With Ghost Trick's full release just a few weeks away, Capcom is giving players the chance to play though its early stages - and check out its various remaster improvements - in a new demo available now on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. Save data will be transferable to the full game should you decide to make a purchase come its 30th June arrival.

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