Ghost Trick


VideoGhost Trick out on Friday for DS

Ace Attorney creator's creepy new concept.

VideoGhost Trick Phantom Detective trailer

Ace Attorney creator's new DS franchise.

VideoNew Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective clip

Capcom's puzzler cooks up a storm.

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First, an apology for failing to publish a Game of the Week last week. This wasn't a silent comment on the paucity of the release schedule in January but a silent comment on the paucity of my brain in January, because I forgot to do it.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

"This desk lamp knows a whole lot more than he's telling me..."

With these words, spoken by a red-suited spirit with Jedward hair, any fear that Shu Takumi had exhausted his inspiration creating Phoenix Wright is dispelled. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is in most respects nothing like Ace Attorney, yet it's also an unmistakable continuation of that game's exuberant design and cock-eyed humour.

As the subtitle suggests, the hero of the tale is a ghost. We soon learn that his name is Sissel but, like so many videogame protagonists before him, he's lost his memory. At least he has an excuse: he's just been murdered and this apparently takes quite a toll on your mental faculties.

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Ghost Trick gets free Flash demo

Check out Capcom's new DS adventure.

Is spooky DS adventure Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on your radar? It should be – it looks ace – and there's now a playable demo online to prove it.

Ghost Trick release date confirmed

Ghost Trick release date confirmed

Nintendo to help Capcom with marketing.

DS adventure Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will launch on 14th January 2011, Nintendo and Capcom have confirmed.

The game, which sees you take control of the spirit of recently murdered Sissel as he attempts to track down his assailant, is the latest effort from Ace Attorney creator and all-round puzzle adventure guru Shu Takumi.

With the 3DS due on shelves in March it could be one of the last big releases for Nintendo's handheld. Judging by the trailer below it looks like it could be a fitting send-off.

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