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Capcom reveals new fantasy IP Deep Down for PlayStation 4

Uses stunning new Panta Rhei next-gen engine.

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Capcom has announced a new fantasy action IP, provisionally titled Deep Down.

It's in the works for PlayStation 4, although there was no mention during Sony's conference of it being an exclusive, unlike other games shown.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono introduced footage running on the company's new next-gen Panta Rhei engine, which appears to able to pump out particle effects and advanced lighting matching the famous "smoking man" Unreal Engine 4 video.

Brief snippets of "gameplay" showed men in armour sneaking through a cave to attack a dragon. One selects a fire arrow, and shoots it at the beast.

The game is in development at Capcom alongside the new engine, Ono said. No other release information was mentioned.

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