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Capcom insists it's still confident in Resident Evil: ORC

Sales downgrade due to revised release date.

Capcom has insisted it remains confident in third-person shooter Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City despite downgrading its projected sales figures for the game by half a million units.

Last week, in its financial report, Capcom predicted the Slant Six-developed squad shooter would move two million copies. Six months ago it had it pegged for 2.5 million.

Capcom pointed to the game's new release window in its response to speculation that the revised projected sales figure was the result of lukewarm previews.

"Last week Capcom Japan announced that the forecast for RE ORC was being reduced from 2.5 million to two million," read a quote from Capcom Investor Relations, published on the Capcom Europe blog.

"To clarify this is not because there is a lack of confidence in the title, but because the release date has moved from the previously stated winter 2011 to closer to the end of the fiscal with two million being the number of copies we expect to ship before the end of the fiscal."

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