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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players are buying a weapon on eBay as it's easier than unlocking it in-game

Fire sale.

Modern Warfare 2 players are paying real money on eBay to unlock a hard-to-gain weapon in-game.

The M13B Assault Rifle is contentiously locked behind a challenge in Warzone's DMZ mode and is a massive pain in the bottom to complete.

However, players have also found a neat trick that means that only one person in your group of friends has to complete the challenge. That player can then "drop" the weapon for other members of the squad to pick up, extract, and unlock.

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But if no one in your group of friends has managed to unlock it, or you don't have any friends, you can always turn to your good friend eBay.

Entrepreneurial players have the weapon are over their services through eBay, allowing other players to unlock the weapon, for a price of course.

Based on eBay listings, players are paying £5 on average to sellers who will then arrange to join a game of DMZ with the buyer and drop-off the gun. And as there is an unlimited supply of the gun, there's a tidy profit to be made.

Thanks to its virtual nature, sellers can theoretically sell unlimited unlocks for the weapon.

While some ay look down upon this method as cheating [or a waste of money! - Ed.], it should be noted Activision plans to sell the weapon at a later date as part of a weapon bundle. Based on previous experience, this weapon bundle will likely cost significantly more (around £15 or so) than paying for one of these services on eBay.

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