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Call of Duty players have figured out how to get the M13B Assault Rifle with an easy trick

We love a good cheese.

Call of Duty players have found an easy way to unlock the M13B Assault Rifle, which is controversially locked behind a challenge that can only be completed in the new DMZ game mode.

Even more controversial is the fact that extracting the weapon only unlocks it for the player who picked it up instead of the entire squad. This means your squad will have to make repeated trips back to unlock it for everyone.

Fortunately, it appears you won't have to after all. As you only need to extract with the gun at the end of a round, a squad mate can drop the weapon earned in a previous match for you to pick up. All you need to do now is extract safely and you unlock the weapon (thanks, PC Gamer).

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Alternatively, you could kill an enemy player who has the weapon equipped, but that's not very sportsmanlike.

If you plan on unlocking the weapon using this method, I would do it soon as Infinity Ward will likely patch it out so the one incentive to play DMZ isn't loss.

Once you're ready to drop into Warzone 2.0, be sure to check out our loadout guides for the best weapons to use.

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