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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War console players are turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters - in the beta

K/D ratioed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War console players are turning off crossplay to try to escape PC cheaters - in the beta.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War went into beta across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this week, with crossplay enabled. And already cheaters have been spotted ruining the game for others - despite progress not carrying over from the beta into the full release.

Redditor madzuk took to the Black Ops Cold War sub to post a play of the game clip showing a player quite obviously using an aimbot to down multiple enemies within the blink of an eye.

The MOST blatant and ridiculous aim hack I've EVER seen in a video game 😂 from r/blackopscoldwar

Redditor 1mP3N uploaded a similar clip:

[PC + SEA] One hour into the beta and I've already met a player with soft aimbot and wallhack. I hope Treyarch monitors anticheat closely this time. from r/blackopscoldwar

Here are some more examples of cheating in the Black Ops Cold War beta:

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A cursory glance at the more popular video game cheat websites shows Black Ops Cold War hacks for sale.

As you'd expect, with cheating already coming to the fore, console Black Ops Cold War players are disabling crossplay with PC to avoid cheaters.

"Turning off cross play," said redditor RoKeOps. "I rather wait long for a lobby than deal with those hacker assclowns who couldn't cut in a real match without hacking."

"The first thing I did yesterday was turn cross-play off," Illini_Jack said. "This is why you turn off crossplay," added Ryanmoses10. "Honestly wish they'd allow for a 'console only' option."

"That's why I disabled crossplay as soon as I got on," akpatel_07 said.

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The situation now with Black Ops Cold War rekindles memories of a similar situation with Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, which has been plagued by cheating since launch.

Back in April, we reported on how console Warzone players were disabling crossplay in a bid to escape PC cheaters - and now history is repeating itself with Black Ops Cold War even in beta form.

Activision will of course be hoping Black Ops Cold War avoids gaining a reputation for cheating in the same way Modern Warfare and Warzone have. Infinity Ward has been criticised for failing to deal with cheaters in its shooter, despite multiple ban waves and warnings. For now, some Black Ops Cold War beta players feel they're better off turning crossplay off - just to be safe.

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