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Call of Doggie: Ghosts, the CoD game we always wanted

"Many butts were sniffed, as we marched."

I don't think it's any exaggeration to say the most exciting thing at Tuesdays's Xbox One reveal was the Call of Duty dog.

No one really cares when their grunting, grizzled NPC partner with a name like Briggs, Johnson, or Rodriguez is killed, but you don't mess with Colin, the CoD Dog.

To celebrate this already beloved (albeit totally deadly) companion, indie developer and game journalist Brandon Sheffield made his own Twine game envisioning what Call of Duty: Ghosts might look like if it starred our four-legged friend.

Entitled Call of Doggie: Ghosts, it's a text-based mini-adventure wherein you have to make important tactical decisions like "sniff butts" or "carry on without even urinating on anything." Truly canine morality is a grey area indeed.

Play Call of Doggie: Ghosts here.

My theory: Colin is a traitor who will take the side of whoever offers him a biscuit.