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Calamitous Rock Band 2 bug found

Wipes saved tour groups.

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Fans have found a rather calamitous multiplayer bug in Rock Band 2 that wipes groups from the hard drive.

The issue only seems to be affecting Xbox 360, according to the Rock Band forums (spotted by Kotaku). It triggers on consoles with a Live enabled primary account and non-Live enabled secondary account. Probably quite common, that.

If that's the case, then a frustratingly long way into the campaign the tour band will disappear, a bit like Chesney Hawks. The only option is to restart, risking the glitch being triggered again somewhere down the line.

Despite fan grumbles, developer Harmonix has made no mention of the bug in over three weeks. Distributor EA is looking into the matter.

Rock Band 2 is only available in the US on Xbox 360 for the moment, and has yet to be given any kind of European date. But that's not stopped us getting a copy, and we'll bring you a review later this week.

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