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Bungie wins $4.4m lawsuit against Destiny cheat seller AimJunkies

Plus new LaviCheats lawsuit filed.

Destiny developer Bungie has won a $4.4m lawsuit against cheat seller AimJunkies in arbitration.

The lawsuit has been ongoing since April 2021 when Bungie first filed suit. In November last year AimJunkies lost a bid to countersue Bungie for allegedly accessing its computers.

Now Bungie has won $4,396,222 in both damages and fees.

Destiny 2: Lightfall - The Game Awards TrailerWatch on YouTube

In further Destiny cheat news, Bungie has hit LaviCheats with a similar lawsuit.

Bungie is requesting $2k for each of the 2790 downloads of the cheat software, totalling $5.6m. With fees, the total lawsuit would be $6.7m.

The actions of LaviCheats' creator Kunal Bansal were described as "flagrant and wilful" and demonstrating of "a willingness to continue with his illegal activities".

Further: "Statements and actions since receiving notice of the Complaint in this action demonstrate that, absent a significant damage award, Bansal is unlikely to cease his unlawful actions". He allegedly responded to a post on the LaviCheats website forum with "Bungie lawyers you can suck my nuts!".

Bungie winning the AimJunkies lawsuit will surely set a precedent for this second lawsuit against LaviCheats.

Bungie is meanwhile gearing up for the launch of Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall, arriving next week on 28th February.

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