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Bungie warns Destiny 2's new BattlEye anti-cheat may impact game performance

Including startup time.

Destiny 2 PC players may notice an impact to their game's performance following the recent addition of anti-cheat software, Bungie has warned.

BattlEye was added to Destiny 2 last night as part of the game's 3.3.0 update. Alongside this, Bungie published a security update blog detailing its arrival - and what it may mean for performance.

"Anti-cheat solutions require some additional system resources to keep watch and you may see some reduction in frames and performance after Update 3.3.0 goes live," Bungie wrote. "The new service will also increase the initial startup of the game."

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For now, Bungie is simply testing how BattlEye runs in a live, public version of the game before fully deploying its automatic banning capabilities.

These will be switched on before the game's hugely competitive and notoriously cheater-full Trials of Osiris mode returns on 10th September.

At the same time, Bungie has cautioned that BattlEye is "not a silver bullet fix that will end all cheating in Destiny forever" - and said it is simultaneously stepping up its in-game security in other ways.

Legal action continues to be taken against cheat makers, Bungie said, and it was also now targeting players with bans for organising or manipulating matchmaking to trade wins.

Participating as a buyer or seller of account recovery services could result in a ban, Bungie said.

It's a busy time for Destiny 2, which last night began its new Season of the Lost that returns Queen Mara Sov to the game's story. This will lead into next year's Witch Queen expansion, due on 22nd February, after a Bungie 30th anniversary event in December.