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Destiny patch takes aim at Crota's End raid exploits

Iron Banner event back next week.

Destiny will be updated next week to remove the most popular exploits for Crota's End, the new raid added in December expansion The Dark Below.

Players are currently able to sneak deep into Crota's End without the help of others.

Meanwhile, developer Bungie said the competitive Iron Banner multiplayer event returns with new rewards from next Tuesday, 13th January, until the 19th.

Lesser-seen multiplayer maps such as Asylum, The Anomaly and The Burning Shrine (the only area so far set on Mercury) will also be added to the more popular Clash and Control playlists.

Writing in a new blog post, Bungie explained that it would kill several techniques which currently let players complete the first half of Crota's End by themselves, rather than as part of a fireteam of six.

For example, much of the raid's first section can be bypassed by standing in a specific spot next to a lantern as it explodes.

By crouching in this specific spot, players are thrown by the blast radius to the other side of the map, near the exit.

Another set of "cheese" mechanics lets players skip most of the combat in the raid's next section - where six people are otherwise needed to fend off waves of enemies while a bridge slowly constructs.

All players will now be required to cross the bridge normally, Bungie has said.

And, crucially, Bungie has fixed an exploit that made the final boss encounter much easier. Currently, fireteams are able to keep end boss Crota down on one knee, the only state in which he is susceptible to damage, if the fireteam leader disconnects from the internet. This exploit is extremely popular, and the fix should force fireteams to defeat Crota in the intended way.

But the developer will also add a further opportunity for loot in the raid - by moving one chest's set of potential rewards onto a boss character and also keeping the chest, which will now give out extra materials.

A number of other bugs have been fixed and, finally, exotic-class weapons found in the game's original Vault of Glass raid will be upgraded to the new level cap.

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