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Bungie steps in to shut down sales of Destiny 2's Spicy Ramen Coupon emblem

Use your noodle.

Nefarious fans selling codes for an upcoming Destiny 2 player emblem have been called out by Bungie.

The in-game emblem, themed after the beloved Spicy Ramen Coupon item, was planned as a surprise free gift in July, Bungie community manager dmg04 was forced to reveal.

The emblem was discovered by dataminers peering within Destiny 2's API. Some fans then began to charge for early access to it.

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"Don't buy the Spicy Ramen Coupon emblem," dmg04 wrote. "It's meant to be a free gift on Bungie Day, from us to you.

"Dataminers - please stop spoiling content, whether it be story or emblem codes. I know it can be exciting to be the first person with cool info, but please respect the fun."

Every popular live service game experiences leaks through datamining, though most take steps to encrypt or obscure upcoming surprises. Bungie has the ability to do this with certain in-game items, though does not seem to have implemented it here.

Regardless, the fact some fans began to sell access to upcoming content clearly crossed a line for Bungie - and fair enough.

Longer-term fans of Destiny will likely remember the original Spicy Ramen Token as a lore item given away years ago which simply sat in your inventory. While useless, fans became attached to the item, not least because it was a nod to the now sadly very dead Cayde-6.

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