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Bungie issues new Destiny 2 roadmap

6v6 Crucible coming late March, expansion two in May.

As part of its effort to better communicate with its community, Bungie has outlined a short-term development roadmap for Destiny 2 that reveals when new features are coming to the shared-world shooter.

Coming later in February are a number of much-needed features, such as exotic repetition reduction (one of the more frustrating things about Destiny 2 is decrypting an exotic engram into something you already have five of), and unique rewards for the nightfall, although the latter, Bungie said, may slip.

March highlights include Iron Banner going 6v6 from 4v4, and Crucible quitter penalties.

May sees the beginning of Destiny 2 season three, and, according to game director Christopher Barrett, expansion two will launch alongside it. May should see a prestige mode for Eater of Worlds, the long-awaited seasonal rankings for the Crucible, private matches, vault space increase (yay!), multi-emote, exotic masterworks and improvements to the faction rallies.

As fans have already noted, this latest development roadmap pushes back some features Bungie had said would be out earlier, such as revamped mods now due in May at the earliest rather than February (a Bungie community rep acknowledged this delay in a post on reddit). And there's a collective disappointment that key Crucible changes won't be put in place until the end of March. But it's worth noting some features previously set for autumn 2018 have been brought forward, such as exotics masterworks.

It's good to see Bungie communicate more about where Destiny 2 is at and where it's going. The shooter has endured a troubling handful of months, with an increasingly disgruntled playerbase upset over everything from microtransactions to the endgame. Fingers crossed Bungie can pull it back.