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BioWare drops Dragon Age demo hints

"You can expect something very creative."

BioWare has told Eurogamer that Dragon Age: Origins will be treated to some "very creative" pre-release content.

Dan Tudge, director and executive producer of the Dragon Age series, said this would be but one of the ways BioWare would build and "love" the online PC community.

"We believe, especially with the PC, that community is a huge part of what we're doing online in Dragon Age: Origins, and the Dragon Age universe as a whole," Tudge told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"We've a lot of plans to not only bring the users into the community through the tool-set, but also through a lot of initiatives we're taking within online activity: downloadable content, both pre-release and post release; free content, paid-for content; online achievements."

"I can't say," he added, when pushed on a demo. "You can expect something very creative from BioWare; the details I can't really go into."

Dragon Age: Origins, according to Tudge, will capture and evolve the enormous online following of Neverwinter Nights. He said this would help battle PC piracy as only registered users will be able to take part online.

Dragon Age: Origins is a dark fantasy role-playing game "absolutely" due for release in early 2009 on PC, and then later (maybe that year) on consoles.

Head over to our full interview with BioWare's Dan Tudge to find out more about Dragon Age: Origins, "the biggest story we've ever created".