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Battlefield: Bad Company patch tomorrow

DICE wants your bugs.

DICE will be deploying the first patch for the Battlefield: Bad Company demo tomorrow, which aims to put an end to statistic problems that stop you seeing how many people you've shot in the face and so on.

The developer says it's "working around the clock" to address other issues such as game freezes, and wants your feedback to help it get to the heart of the issue more quickly.

Other problems include Europeans being shunted onto US servers, although hosts will now be sorted by ping so you should get local games first.

DICE has also boosted the number of servers in order to cope with the 50,000 of you playing the demo that appeared on Thursday.

Battlefield: Bad Company is a story-driven spin-off in the popular online shooter series. It tells a dark and humorous tale inspired by modern day combat stories, and will also feature a meaty multiplayer component more synonymous with the Battlefield brand.

The full game is out for PS3 and 360 on 27th June. Head over to our Battlefield: Bad Company gamepage for all our coverage to date.