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Battlefield 2042's scoreboard update pushed back to March


Battlefield 2042 just can't catch a break.

Earlier this week, DICE announced it would push back the game's first season of content updates from the rumoured release month of March to the summer, in order to work on the considerable number of problems plaguing the game and add features such as VOIP chat and an improved scoreboard.

Now, DICE has announced the proposed scoreboard update that was scheduled for later this month has been pushed back to March.

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"The extra time will help to ensure we improve the quality of our Updates, and include additional changes," the studio wrote on the game's official comms account.

DICE also released a hotfix today which restored the map Renewal for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, after it was temporarily removed due to stability issues.

Battlefield 2042's player count has been steadily declining since its release, with a peak of just 17,290 players on Steam last month. In contrast, the franchise's older titles have seen a resurgence of players, with Battlefield V seeing over 26,000 players last month.

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